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Disney Pooh Toys

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Pooh Math Box

Pooh's honey pots, butterflies, stars, apples, and bees make it fun and easy to figure out math problems. The kit includes a storage box with flip-top lid and playing area, 25 fill-in write-and-wipe activity cards, 5 blank activity cards, write-and-wipe marker, and plastic stands for the icons. Ages 4 and up. Imported.

Pooh Math Box

Pooh & Friends Bath Buddies

Pooh Tub Toys

Pooh and Eeyore Plush Sleeping Bags

Tigger Plush Sleeping Bag

Easter Pooh Chick Plush

Pooh "Scaredy-Cat Pooh" Halloween Plush

Pooh & Pals Plush Pumpkin Set

Pooh Halloween Plush Dolls

Tigger Easter Bunny Plush

Pooh's Learn-To-Read Stamp Kit

Pooh Twelve-Month Tee Backpack

Pooh Twelve-Month Tee Backpack

Our plush Pooh comes with a 12-pack of Pooh tees, each themed for different holidays and seasons throughout the year. Handy vinyl backpack. Imported.


click to view or buy disney pooh, tigger, eeyore toys and
to check at for special sale items.

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